A funny and terrible thing happened

On the way to my liver last night. Also. two CDs arrived from Amazon UK:

Volumes III and IV of the awesome London is The Place For Me series, which is put out by UK's Honest Jons Records, and more or less unavailable here, and consists of British recordings of expat Africans and West Indians. Vol. III is devoted to Nigerian Ambrose Adekoya Campbell, the West African Rhythm Brothers, the Nigerian Union Rhythm Group, and - you get the idea.. Vol. IV mixes Africans - Dorothy Masuka, The African Messengers, etc. - with calypsonians like Young Tiger and Lord Kitchener. I'd tell you more, but really, I'm in no shape for it. So enjoy, and check in next week for the triumphant return of Megan Matthews, tracks from the forthcoming and hotly anticipated Modern Times LP, and dope rhymes from Ice Cube, Da Lench Mob, and the Coup.

A guy's equivalent might be "I've been in and out of you, girl," which is how this guy I knew in college dismissed an ex-girlfriend who got above herself.

In fact, thematically this song reminds me of Nina Simone's Blues for Mama. And in a weird way, of Dylan's I Don't Believe You. They're all about being spurned.

All this and more tomorrow.